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   Check Up List for Ki Flow Inspection
1. Personal Information 
   age and gender
   nationality and the country of grown-up( This is for the
   environment of growth)
   length and weight
   eye color

2. Medical History
   family history
   past history
   pesent history

3. Chief Complaints ( Please describe in detail )

4. Other Symptoms Relating to Your Body or Mental Status

5. Medical Signs
   pulsatory motion(number, strength and others as you can feel)
   color of the face(not the skin color but the impression)
   digestion function(good, gas, feeling heavy, stuffy, pains and
                             other things as you can feel)
   urination(frequency per day, color, and others that you are feeling)
   feces( frequency, color, hardness, and others)
   foods( especially favorites, alergic foods and other special things)
   sweat( much, average, little, and the area of frequent sweating
              for ex. middle of breast or palm  or face or head, etc)
   menstration( regularity, period, quantity, pain and pain area and
                      othe things)
   conea color( white, grey, yellowish, bloody)
   skin( thin, thick)
   tongue( white coated, yellowish coated, stained with purple,  
               reddish or pinky, dry or wetty with area for ex. apex or
               middle or root of tongue)
   If you send the photo of tongue by e-mail or mobile phone(
  010-2987-2674, korea), that  will be best!
   abdomen( the area of pain or hardness with finger press)
   finger nail( long or short, round or triangle, frontal or sagittal
                   section, color where are dark or white for ex. root or

6. Other things you want to talk about.   

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