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   VRE Superbacteria Treatment by Herbal Prescriptions




I. Overview

We have heard about superbacteria and the content is too simple.
First, there is no treatment way.
Second, it is more fearful than fatal virus.

However, it is merely an opinion of western medicine.
In east asian medicine, its treatment is simple than they think.
1. What is VRE?

The word of super~ means it is very strong and dangerous.
As you know, there is no details about superbacteria as VRE but as follows.

1) Vre is comes from the patient who have taken antibiotics for a long time
or from the VRE patients. This means Vre is infected in the hospitals or other medical

2) There is no way to treat it and so the VRE patient should be quarantined.

However, "No way to treat" is limited to the control of western medicine.
To east asian medicine, it is simple to treat superbacteria.
Yes is true!"

Brief history of VRE treatment

2. Treatment Case of Herbal Prescriptionse

A old man got a surgery for backbone in local hospital and stayed in the hospital for
a couple of months due to inflammation. he also got CRE and VRE during in the hospital,
Local hospital could not control the inflammation and superbacteria and real complainments
from the patient's family who believed local hospital is bascially not able to treat diseases
because of  low grade of doctors and medical equpiments.

So the family had him move to the metropolitan big hospitals in Seoul.
When the local hospital examined the patient at last time, CRE was not found but VRE remained.
As you know, VRE can not disappear so easy and soon.

However the metropolitan big hospital could not do something for VRE and finally the hospital
introduced other hospital which is like nursing institutes. but the other hospital also did not
recieve him because there is not treatment ways so the family should take care of him
at home.

What this process looking as natural mean?
This means that the medical people want the family to know the patient will die soon.

The family finally resorted to only Harabi clinic.

A couple of weeks passed after taking herbal prescription, the oldman of eighties could
eat the foods.
After one month, he put the diaper away.
During that period, he had no auditory hallucinations or deliriums.

And after 3 months, he was confiirmed that he was free of VRE superbacteria from
the metropolitan big hospital.

Every body believed he would be diedm but he recovered perfectly from VRE also from
other inflammation and symptoms.
They say "This is a miracle!"

No it is not miracle. Ithey are  merely ignorance of life activity!

3. The limitation of western medicine and its blind point

It is my feeling that the doctors and relating to medical authorities are looking down
other medicines but western medicine. But they have to know that there are
many ways to approach one object. Some way is long and winding, some way
eay and short and other way difficult but short... The western medicine is merely
a way to the object specialized for surgery.

As I repeatedly say, there is no concept for humidity in western medicine but
the concept of humidity is most important to disease treament.

II. Inflammation

1. Local hospital

1) Early August, he got a surgery for spinal stenosis and then deliriumappeared.
2) For a month, inflammation spreaded over the surgery place.
3) And he got in shock in hospital
4) He got a surgery for stomach due to bleeding stool
5) In the middle of September, after rectal injection due to abdominal pain, he had been
suffered with watery stool every day for 40 days.
6) From late September, he got treament for pneumonia, septicemia and renal insufficiency.
7) And then the blood pressure lowered to 70/50 for about 20 days.
8) During in tha hospital he had taken much of antibiotics.
However, the symtoms above mentioned got worsened and new symptoms
appeared  and last to superbacteria - CRE and VRE.
Finally the local hospital wanted to transfer him to metropolitan big hospital.

2. Tretment in Seoul big hospital

1) All examinations are performed. And he had to taken steroids for adrenal cortex symptom.
2) CRE and VRE were found and stayed in isolated room.
3) Swelling spinal surgery area but no treatment for it.
4) Foods were surpplied through hose
5) Delirium lasted so he had to taken sleeping drug additionally
7) Bleeding stool
8) No improvements at all.
And there are very long stories during in the big hospital but I skip for convinience.

Fianlly. his family had to remove him to nursing house because the hospital said them
there is no ways to treat VRE and the history is so as mentioned as above.

III. VRE treatment with Sun Medicine

1. Personal information ( 046244 )
Cha  0    0, male aged 80
Appearance : Tall and slim

2. Chief complaints
Please refer to the above

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) He walks uneasily due to palsy in fifities.
2) He got sometimes stiffness on right leg .
3) His pulse merely 50 per minute recently.

Pulse : After out of hospital, float, stressed, big
Tongue : Enlaged and deep coated
Abdomen L Pain on the central upper.
4. Diagnosis
Liver weak and congestive
Heart small and weak
Spleen small and weak
Lung weak
Kidney weak

5. Patholgy
Please refer to the above

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To enrich liver
To improve blood circulation

7. Results
After over two months, VRE disappeared completely and other symptoms also recovered.
He got more prescriptions for safe.
Now, he walks up stairs to 4th floor and looks forgeting everthing about the hospital affair.



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