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   Acrophobia treament case with Harabi herbs



A old woma came to me and said about her daughter who had been treated at Harabi
Clinic. Naturally I asked her about her daughter and she answered that everthing OK.
So it  is my reaction that I am searching the daughter's record and confirmed the
daughter's symptoms - especially acrophobia - disappeared at all as follows.
1. Personal information(047708)
Han 0 0, a highteen female
Tall and slim
She was living at Jejudo island she had to use airplane to trip Seoul and other cities.

2. Chief Complaints
1) From two years on, she has been suffered with erythema multiforme and gotton ttreated
but still worsened and worsened.
2) Atopy all over the body. Actually atopy and erythema multiforme are same symptoms and
same pathology. But the western medicine doctors used different words and the patient has
been known as so.
3) Tongue pain after wearing braces..
4) Excessive sweat at hand and feet with bad odor, and her underwears are colored brown.
5) Too fearful to board plane so she can't trip other places.(Acrophobia)  

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) She had been taken steroids for atopy for one year.
2) Always heavy stomach
3) Frequent urine ( over 10 times per day)
4) Constipation
5) Atopy spreaded to secret parts.
6) Terrible menstural pain, especially on central chest.

Pulse : 95/m, stressed, floated but weak
Tongue : dark purple and coated deep.
Abdomen : All over the pain on chest and abdomen.
                Both CVA pain

4. Diagnosis
Liver weak
heart small but not weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney ordinary but very tired

5. Pathology
1) Regarding skin symptoms should be skipped due to too much repeating.
2) Tongue pain and central pain during period were caused by humidity..
3) Acrophobia is due to small, tired and humid heart.
4) Odor and other sweating also due to thw weakness of heart and liver.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To lower fever
To evaporate

7. Results

1st prescription
To get rid humidity is the main.

1st result
1) Reduced erythemia and atopy.
2) Reduced pain on the tongue
3) Not colored underwears brown with sweating.

2nd prescription
Increased for humidity

2nd result
1) Reduced pulse to 90/m
2) Reduced pain on the back a little

3rd prescription
Added for enriching blood

3rd result
1) Skin troubles are good nearly perfectly.
2) Reduced pulse to 78/m
3) Tongue pain reduced to 2/3
4) Still itching at part remains.
5) Much reduced menstural pain.
6) No constipation.
7) Much reduced pain on the chest and abdomin.

4th prescription
Added for lowering fever

4th result
1) Everything is OK.
2) Urine is normal as only 7-8/day.

5th prescription
Increased for enrich blood.

5th result
1) Everthing Ok, so she doesn't feel something bad.
2) Tongue pain remains as a half but not feels suffering
3) No pains on the chest and back.
4) Little sweating at hands and feet and accordingly odor reduced so much
5) Flying is no more fearful thing and she does not feel uneasiness at daily living.

6th prescription
Fianlly added for improving Ki

6th result
No informations from her, but recently her mom conveyed of her good conditions.




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