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   Sjogren Syndrome and irregular pulse


The name such as human name + disease, ~syndrome, ~itis means as follows.
1) We don't know the cause of diseases or symptoms
2) So there cannot be suitable treatment becausewe don't know aboy pathology
3) Nevertheless, doctors of western medicine cannot say "I don't know" in front
of patient. So the doctor have to explain the pathology with much difficult words
which the doctor even himself( herself) doesn't know not to notice the doctor's

Sjogren syndrome in the title is also such this case.
The symptom of sjogren is getting dry on mouth inside and head area in short.

But it is simple in the eye of Sun medicine of east asian medicine.
For easy understanding, it is a sort of malfunction of fluid on upper area.

The cause is also simple.
It is lots of fever on the upper area or short of Ying portion or short of circulation .

So the treatment is also simple.
To lower fever that is consumptive or to enrich Ying portion or to improve the circulation.
Of cause it takes a long time to treat because the symptom has lasted for a long time.

We can confirm this simple treatment case as below.

1. Personal information(048348)
Kim 0  0, female in fifties
Small town
A household

2. Chief complaiments
1) Dried tongue and eye since 2 years ago and diagnosed as sjogren syndrome in
university hospital.
2) Knee pain from a year on.
3) Sweating around upper abdomen.
4) Irregular pulse ( No pulse during 2-3 times of pulse.)

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) Stomach pain
2) White grey stool
3) Sufficient love juice.
4) Scratch mark.

Pulse : irregular, stressed.
Tongue : dark reddish and geographic
Abdomen : Pains on the chest, upper abdomen
                Stiffness on the right upper abdomen

4. Diagnosis
Liver big but weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen bid and strong
Lung weak
Kidney big and ordinary

5. Pathloogy
1) Small heart cannot match big liver and spleen.
2) Weak lung weakens circulation.
3) The overload of heart makes various symptoms such as arrythmia and stomach pain.
I guess she would be under sudden attack.
4) Grey and white stool means a sort of malfuction of circulation, especially on gall bladder.

6. Treatment
To improve circulation
To lower fever
To release and enrich liver

7. Results

1st prescription
To improve circulation is the main

1st reslt
The sjogren syndrome looks to remain as it was.
No white grey stool. This means bile duct is good at circulation.
Decreased scratch mark
Decreased abdominal pain and stiffness
Irregular pulse decreased to one per 6-7 pulse.

2nd prescription
Added to get rid of humidity

2nd result
She feels some wetting in the mouth.
No geographic tongue

3rd prescription
Increased for lowering fever

3rd result
Still simillar status

4th prescription
added for Ki circulation

4th result
Little shogren symdrome but sometimes she feels a little symptom lightly.

5th prescription
Getting white mosses on the tong surface.
So added for warming stomach.

5th result
No pain and stiffness on the abdomen at all.
The pulse get to normal as 72/min and not irregular pulse at all.

6th prescription
Added for evaporation

6th result
Everything is very good in the result of examination in the university hospital.

7th prescription
Added for improving Ki

She wants to get more prescriptions for safe future.

How do you like this case?
Too much untrue?
Please expand your sight and your intelligence, and you will see the truth claearly.        





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