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   Angiitis and gallstones

A woman in thirties came to me for red pimples over the whole body.
The symptom is called as angiitis which means inflammation on the blood vessels.
It generally looks fearful symptom due to the name regarding blood vessel and inflammation.
But it is very simple symptom which means only weakness of liver, so there must be
some of other symptoms relating to liver - such gallstones as this case.

Of cause, the treatment of angiitis means also the treatment of gallstones.
OK, the real case shows this is a truth as below.

1. Personal information(048251)
Ko  0   0, femal in thirties
Small town
A clerk in company

2. Chief complainment
Red pimples of 2mm - 5mm sized over the whole body

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) Thyroids are removed two years ago due to cancers and so has taken hormons.
2) Ofen pain on upper abdomen.
3) Sometimes cystitis.
4) Constipation. (per 3-4 days )
5) Sometimes dark greenish or dark cholate stool and sometimes white grey stool
6) Sometimes severe bursting pain on the eyeball
7) Terrible scratch mark

Pulse : float, strong, stressed, narrow and a little tensed
Tongue : light pinky and watery
Abdomen : pain on the chest and stiffness on the abdominal muscles

4. Diagnosis
Liver big but weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney big and ordinary

5. Pathology
1) Thw weakness of liver and lung means autoimmunin symptoms would be as usual.
2) The problem is sudden spread of angiitis over the whole body. I think it is caused
due to artificial hormons.
3) she is expected that she might has been in trouble as gastroesphagus reflux, but
not at all. This tells heart diseases or cancers digestion organs in future.
4) The liver is big but weak means that the humidity is produced a lot and as result
upper pain, furthemore white grey stool, these two symptoms means she has gallstones.

6. Treatment
To irrigate
To release liver
To improve and evaporate Ki

7. Results

1st prescription
To irrigate is the main.

1st Result
Angiitis are much reduced and remain on the arms sparsly.
This fast reduce means that the cause of the symptom is due to hormons.

2nd prescription
Added for lowering fever

2nd result
Little agiitis.
Reduced scratch mark
Pain on the upper abdomen appears.
( This is good sign becuase the feeling revived on and this will prevent from
cancers on digestional organs.)
Reduced chest pain
Reduced abdominal stiffness

3rd prescription
Simillar to the 2nd

3rd result
No angiitis at all
Little scratch mark
Still a little constipation

Just what a big change!
The stool comes back to normal color of brown from white grey in time of no pain on
the right upper abdomen.
This means that the gallstones are removed by her activated digestional organs!!!

4th prescription
Increased for improving Ki

4th result
Everything is good.
She wanted get more prescriptions furthermore for securing confirmation over her health.

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