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   Pathology of aneurysm through Kidney cyst treatment


If internal doctor says the patient " you have a cyst in internal organ." reviewing
the medical reports and photos, the patient accept the doctors information as " Oh my god,
I get a cancer or at least going into cancer!"

However, if you understand the pathology of cyst, you don't need to worry about it.
From my experiences, cysts have been treated with herbal prescriptions comparatively easily.

1. Pathology of cyst

The basic pathology of the body is flow. if the flow is blocked with certain reasons,
the fluids are bodied and the skin gets to be more elastic for containing the fluids.
That is cyst.
So, to treat the cyst, we have to get rid of the blockage which is called
as humidity in eastern medicine. You would rather suppose that branches of trees
and roots of grasses make small pond in the line of a streamlet.

2. Development of cyst

If the fluids are embodied more, the skin should get harder and harder to contain the
embodied fluids accordingly. During the process of hardening the skin, the skin cells
might be diversitified. That means cyst can be developed to be cancer or cancerlike.

3. Why cyst should be treated with herbal prescriptions?

Humodity whose pathologic concept exists in the only eastern medicine, and the treatment
of humidity also exists in eastern medicine accordingly. Of course, surgical operation in
western medicine is immediate effective, but the it removes only the result of blockages
but not the cause of blockages. So there are areas where the surgical instruments can not
be approachable. But herbal prescription can approach to tiny cells and treat the basically.

4. How can eastern medicine estimate the existence of cyst?

There is no instruments to see through the body in eastern medicine, so the detail image
of cyst should be supported by mordern medical instruments. However through
the pathology, we can estimate enough the existance of some kinds of mass and its nature.
The patholgy is basically "flow and humidity"
The details of diagnosis would be omitted in the page due to complicate translating.
However in brief, the weakness of lung in natural charateristics makes the blockages.
So I make the lung improved to treat the cyst in the relation of liver and heart.

5. Treatment cases

Lots of treament case, but I did'nt record the cases.
Today, a man of cyst in kidney asked to record his case to let the patients know
about the eastern medicine advantages.

Internal doctor said to him there is no way to treat the kidney aneurysm so he had to
keep it for his life. By the way he had several times of pneumothorax surgeries so he
wanted to treat it from the basic pathology with herbal prescriptions and he had
been treated completely without pneumothorax any more.
It takes about over 6 months of prescriptions and the result was more surprising than
he expected. Other symptoms also dispeared and among them the cyst in his
kidney completely removed. The kidney doctor is also surprised at the photos.

6. The pathology of aneurysm

The pathology is the same as cyst. If the cyst is made in the blood vessels with same
theory, we call it as aneurysm. So the treatment is also same as cyst.




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