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   Fish odor of the middle age



Regarding to fish odor, it case  are rare, so I record one more case hereunder.

The pathology of bad odor is the weakness of liver, heart and lung, but the fish odor
would be added one more weakness - kidney.
Generally fish odor is treated easily but it does not mean other odors also be as same.

1. Personal Information  ( 047787 )
H  0   0, male, aged 54
A engineer

2. Chief complaint
Fish odor from all of the body

3. Other signs and symptoms
1) Usually atopy and red spots
2) Flush on the face
3) Abdominal pain
4) Cold hands and feet.
5) Lot of humidity on the genital area
6) Several times in the hospital for kidney symptoms.
7) Excessive sweat on the arm pits.

Pulse : string tensed, stressed and a little strong
Tongue : enlarged and deep coated
Adomen : the upper pain and both CVA pain
4. Diagnosis
Liver weak and congestive
Heart small
Speen ordinary
Lung weak
Kidney weak

5. Pathology
You can understand from the above, if you want more details, please read other
cases in this site.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To improve blood circulation

7. Results 투약및 결과

1st  - 2nd prescriptions
To get rid of humidity is the main

1st - 2nd results
No fish odor
No atopy and red spots
Redused face flush

He finished the treatmend but the signs still remain.
As naturally he came again for same symptoms after several months.

3rd - 4th prescriptions
Added for enrich blood

3rd - 4th results
No symptoms again same as before.

After a couple of years later, he came for same symptoms.
His status was a little worsed than first time and especially heart symptoms.

5th - 10th prescriptions
Same as above

5th - 10th results
No symptoms at all as before.

his sings was changed so much as the tongue has been small as normal so this
status would be lasting long. However the most difficult things are daily diets,
including foods. So some years later he will come to me if he goes well in economic
and social respects.




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