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   Alergic Rhinitis - A Brief Theory and Treatment Case
Physiology for Alergic Rhinitis and Other Rhinitis

What is Alergy?
It is sensitive response to outside stimulus.
There are lots of alergen to make trouble on nose. However
The alergens are not important but the response of the body
is important.

What is the Meaning of the Nose?
The nose is the exit of the air and gases which are produced in
body.  In the light of Koran Medicine it is a part of the Lung whose
function is a exchange of gases from outside into inside and in
the inverse. So we can know the condition of the lung with judging
from what happen to nose.

What is the Lung Different from the Other Four Organs?
The lung is facing the outer stimuli directly without internal barrier.
This makes the nose and throat and brochus sensitive.

So all kinds of alergic responses of nose and attached organs are
helping the lung and protecting it for safety.  

What is Basic Pathology of Rhinitis?
As you see above, to strengthen the lung is the basic treatment
for all kinds of rhinitis. This means that temporal treatment such as
breakthrough with chemical drungs is not recommedable. To
strengthen lung it should be considered for constitional character
and present surroundings.

What is the Most Dangerous Treatment among Folk Remedies?
About 20 years ago, I said about the new and simple remedy for
alergic rhinitis to the public. That is very effective and very cheap.
It is to inhalate salty water into nostril and to spit out through mouth
several times a day.  About a month of trying, the trouble would be
disappear. Its patholgy is simple. the mucous membrane of the nose
are getting thick and cannot response to outside stimulus.
I misunderstood this was a treatment. I didn't think the disease
would go into deep place near the lung if the nose couldn't respose
immediately. It was just like getting rid of traffic signal for annoying.
It is not a treatment but making serious trouble.

How Can We Strengthen the Lung?
There is no particular way to do it. To protect the lung we have to improve
other four organs. It means it should take a long time to treat nose trouble
because we at first have to treat the troubles of other four organs.
And then we have to make the lung keep constant temperature under different
temperatures between outside and inside  and push the lung to exchange
the gases freely.

The following is a standard case for alergic rhinitis. Of course this should
not be applicable to all cases.

1. Personal Information
   Jung   0    0, male, aged 16
   Apperance : fatty and pimpled face
   Address : Anyangsi Kyunggi province

2. Chief Complaints
   Alergic rhinitis, chronical stuff-up, runny nose.
   The skin of lips are in tatters and in graze.
   Vomiting and nosea.
3. Other Symptoms and Signs
   Pulse : thin, dull, a little tensed
   Tongue : white mosses coated
   Abdomen : a little bulged

4. Diagnosis
   Congestive liver
   Small heart
   Weakness of lung

5. Pathology
   Congestive liver makes fever. This make him exposed in cold air.
   He has a weak lung and poor marginal circulation.  These factors
   bring about the nose trouble.
Vomitting and nosea  
   The chemical drugs he took everyday made it. He took for several
   years for smooth breath.

  Tagged lip skin
  For breathing, he breathe the air through mouth not nose.

6. Prescription
   To get rid of humidity
   To improve circulation
   To get fever of liver down

7. Result
   His dad was an eye doctor of western medicine. So he had taken the
   chemical drugs for several years. At first time his mom had to give him
   the herbal packs secretly out of eyesight of his dad. It is natural to
   finish to empty the herbal box. 1st presription was mainly aim to ease
   the digestive organs.

   He was very good in digestion. So he stopped taking chemical drugs.

   Aim to evaporate sweat.

   He can breathe through nose. The lip was good.
   And 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and last 7th.
   Finally all symptoms including pimples disappeard.
   8 years later I confirmed that he had never had troubles on his nose.

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