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   Swaying Head - Tic Comes from Liver and Heart
It is genenral that symptoms belong to mental diseases such as symptoms whose pathology
are not clear and which have no histologic changes; tic, epilepsy, mental uneasiness and so on
in the western emdicine. I think it is because there is no pathology relating to inside organs theory
in western medicine.
So the patients of mental diseases diagnosed would get chemical tablets whose purpose is
to regulate brain functions. In short, it is no strange to change the word "regulate" to "paralyse"
because one of brain function is put on disorder, other relating functions are so put in disorder
as brain functions are so complicated to understand precisely.

Now, It is time that I suggest we should seek for reasonable treatment way for mental diseases
in east asian medicine, especially in Sun medicine.
Tic whose main symptoms is to repeat same behavour is known to the western medicine
doctors as such a behavour might be brought due to malfunction of brain.
This thinking system is the same theroy that if a street gang stabs a passenger with knife,
the police think the stabber is the knife but not the gang so the purnishment should be
put on the knife not on the gang.
How stupid the police is, if it is real!

In the view of Sun medicine, individual tic symptom has a individual pathology regarding to
inside organs. So the prescription should be individual.

As you see in below case study, one of tic of swaying head for over ten years can be
easily treated with herbs of Sun medicine. And suppose that he have gotten so much
physical and mental troubles during teenages due to the ignorance of doctors in western

1. Personal Information (047037)
Kim   0    0, Male, 19 years old
A student
Average appearance

2. Chief Complaints
Swaying head since child
In 4th grade in primary school, he got s diagnosis as "tic" and so he had to take chemical
tablets of mental disease for three year but no valid at all. From then on he parents have been
taking he to varuious medical institutes and quasi-medical institutes.
How pity he was due to the ignorance of doctors and parents!

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
Lots of purulent pimples on face, chest and back
Oily face
Benumbed legas and arms
Usual central abdomen pain
Scratch mark on the skin

Pulse : A little ( sunk, strong, tensed and big) and dull, arrythmia
Tongue : Swelled, deep coated with white mosses and a liitle geogrphic
Abdomen : Pain on the central chest and subclevis area
               Pain on over all abdomen
               Stiffness on abdomen muscles
               Both CVA pain
4. Diagnosis
Liver congestive
heart small and weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney a liitle weak

5. Pathology
Above  diagnosis shows lots of humidity and poor blood circulation in structral condition.
So swayinh head is not caused by the brain but by the poor blood circulation and whose
results due to the humidity and weakness of heart and liver.
So the purnishment should be put on the gang not on the kinfe - inside organs, not brain !
And other symptoms and signs would disapear at the same time.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To lower fever

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main

1st Result
The patient said that the swaying head was same as before, but I
observed him for a half hour and acknowldged he had swayed at all during 2nd consultation.
He has swayed consistantly during first consultation so I felt some dizzy. .

The color of groopheads has changed from purple to red
Lot of farts
Reduced rhinitis
Coating on the tongue has reduced.
Pains on abdomen and back have reduced.

2nd Prescription
Reduced for lowering fever

2nd Result
All of symptoms are better than before.
No benumbing on the arms and legs

3rd Prescription
Added for blood circulation

3rd Result
He confirmed me that he has never swayed for recent days. And also I confirmed
he had no swayed during 3rd consultation. To the eye, I conformed his sternomastoid muscles had
shrunk and softened.

He was surprised at this experience because this is the first since
he has been brought to medical institutes. This experience also prooves that such  prescriptions
as chemcial tables for brain are not avlid but more harmful for over three years..

4th Prescription
Simillar to the 3rd.
He is now taking herbal prescriptions and will furthermore.

Stopping swaying is not mean the perfect treatment. Now the treatment begins
from on. The purpose this record is to make understand you ( including doctors of western medicine
and east asian medicine ) that tic is not the mental disease but the one of inside organs.


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