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   Walking Leftward in Reality in Spite of Intending Straight forward
When air is leaking from front left tire, the car will go leftward though the driver is going
forward straight. So the driver consistently wheel right to correct his direction.
Just like this, a man will walk foward straight but actually he is going leftward contraying to
his straight direction. Whenever he notices his walking direction is wrong, he should
correct his walking direction to rightward.

It is not rare to complain such as this embarrassing thing.

Now we study why this thing happens and how to treat it.
If the man's mucles relating to walking are good, the problem lies on the his brain.
However, in the most cases, the photos of brain will say that there is no problem
in the brain as so many patients have said to me.

If the photos of brain show some kind of damages in the brain, the patients will
complain more significant symptoms like paralysis and so they would not notice
the such symptom.

As you know, there must be some problems in the brain in spite of good examination report.
What problems?
That's humidity!      
The concept of humidity is not exist in the western medicine so the brain doctors can't say
anything about such symptom and but such symptom is a sign of brain damages in near future.

The treatment is to get rid of humidity in the brain and you can confirm that in below case report.

1. Personal Information (046822)
Park,   0    0, Female, 60 years old
A stock broker

2. Chief Complaints
He walks leftward unconciously though he intended to go straight forward.
Chest pain since four years ago and recently it is more frequent and intensed.
Stinging pains often on the left hand and left leg.

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
Removed uterus in fifties due to myoma.
Hypotensives for 18 years
Little appetite
Dark greenish stool usually
Excessive sweating on armpits and brown colored shirts with sweat
Scratch mark on the skin

Pulse : Strong and a little ( fast, tensed, smart and )
Tongue : Swelled and deep white coating
Abdomen : Pain on the chest, on the upper, on the lower and CVA
               Stiffness on the upper and both adominal muscles

4. Diagnosis
Liver small and weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen small and weak
Lung a littleweak
Kidney a little weak

5. Pathology
Humidity in the brain makes the nerves work wrong though the humidity is not seen through
photos. In this case, the humidity is on the place where controlls walking movements.
And also humidity in the pericardium area makes the chest pain and gastroesophageal reflux.

So it is urgent to get rid of humidity in the brain and heart.  

6. Diagnosis
To get rid of humidity
To improve liver
To lower fever

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main.

1st Result
She feels the heart hyperpulse sometimes but the extent and frequency reduced.
Reduced chest pain
Reduced excessive sweat in armpits
Leftward walking, scratch mark on the skin and sleeping trouble remain

2nd Prescription
Nearly same as the 1st

2nd Result
No benumbing on the left hand at all
Reduced scratch mark on the skin remarkably
No leftward walking but still dizziness remain a little.
Pain on the top head remains yet.

3rd Prescription
Reduced for lowering fever

3rd Result
No symptoms relating to the heart at all.
No headache at all
No dizziness over walking at all.
The change of symptoms shows the humidity in the brain to be normal.

4th Prescription
Same as the 3rd

4th Result
She said "Perfect in every symptom!" and  "Thank sincerely, sir!"
No dark greenish stools at all.

5th Prescription
Added for improving Ki for final reatment






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