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   Heart Atrium Fibrillation, Oliguria and Erectile Dysfunction

I have recorded the cases of arrythmia and now I rwould like to clarify the relation of arrythmia
between frequent urination or erectile dysfunction.
To the eyes of western medicine, such symptoms are very different from each other but in
eastern medicine - Sun  Medicine - they are same pathology oriented from the heart.
This is the purpose of this record.

Some of docotors in eastern medicine believe that urination comes from the weakness of
kidney because bladder belongs to kidney. This is really false belief because they misunderstand
the concept of kidney weakness. The concept of kidney have three of physiologic characters.
One is the kidney which control urination production.
Another is the kidney which means the birth production organs.
The other is the kidney which means the strength of cells over all body.

The kidney relating to the frequent urination means the third concept of kidney which is
disclosed to the eyes of some of eastern medicine doctors, so they cannot succeed
to treat frequent urination with the prescriptions of kidney weakness in the first concept.

I mean that the treatment of frequent urination or of erectile dysfunction should be with
the prescription of heart and in the result arrythmia is also treated so well because the pathology
is same.

If you understand this pathology and hear from some eastern medicine doctor, " I can treat oliguria
very well but I can not treat arrythmia because I was specialized to kidney pathology "
you may laugh at the eastern doctor without any feeling of hesitation and tell him(her) to get
more basic education for eastern medicine.

You can confirm harabi's explanation in the below case record.

1. Personal Information ( 046726 )
So   0    0, male, 46 years old
an artist
Kangwondo, South Korea
Appearance : Muscular and tall

2. Chief Complaints
Arrythmia since 3 years ago
Pulpitation (diagnosed at the famous hospital as heart atrium fibrillation )
Usual headache
Sometimes cold sweat with dizziness. -> Can you understand this meaning?
I give you a hint that he got a surgery of gall bladder removal. If you do, you are good

He got a diagnose of panic disorder.

Too much frequent urination even onece or twice or sometimes three times an hour.(oliguria)
Erectile dysfunction during sexual activity

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
He has been taking tabets for blood clot, hpertension, arrythmia sice 5 months ago.
He is a non smoker and non alcoholic.

Pulse : Deep sunken, strong, tensed, narrow, dull and a little slow (below 60/min)
(I warned him that sudden attack would not be distant from his pulsing.
Tongue : Big, deep coated with white and dark
Abdomen : Xiphoid process raised high like hook
                Stiffness on subrib area
                Chest pain with finger press

4. Diagnosis
Liver big and congestive
Heart small
Spleen big and strong
Lung a little weak
Kidney big but got weakened

5. Pathology
In brief,
The cause of arrythmia is liver congestion and humidity
and the cause of frequent urination ( oliguria ) is heart weakness.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To warm the stomach

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main

1st Result
Pulse frequency recovered to average of 70/min
Arrythmia still remains but not chaotic and skipped once per 30 pulsing.
He is still taking chemical tablets.

2nd Prescription
Added for blood circulation

2nd Result
He came to me 20 days later to checkup date. ( He might think about the result at his own
discretion ). But as the arrythmia got worse ( once per 20-30 pulsing), he came hastely.
No headache
Reduced frequency of urination

3rd Prescription
Added for irrigation

3rd Result
No skipped pulse but weanken pulse per 20 times of pulsing.
Succeeded sexual activity!

4th Prescription
Reduced for humidity

4th Result
He came to me a few months later with examination report at the hospital.
No arrythmia.
He reduced the daily dosage of chemical tablets prescribed by the heart doctor
who would have changed them to more strong but he refused to the strong ones.
In spite of that, everthing is normal and good, the report says so.
Embarrassed doctor said to him " Any time the symptoms will reoccur. "
He seemed that he couldn't believe the examination report which showed the
opposite results that he had estimated at first.

I understand the doctor's confused thinking that the recovery could not be understandable
to him because former five months of his treatment showed the symptoms worsened and
so he suggested him more strong medicine but he refused his suggestion but now he got normal

5th Prescription
Final prescription for perfection.
Similar to the 4th.

5th Result
A few months later, he brought his two duaghters to me for prescriptions.
He confirmed to me that hypotenive had been reduced because the blood pressure
had gotten lower. The heart doctor had him take reduced and weaken hypotensiv.
It's simple this reason. Arrythmia has diappeared, which means the heart get to be normal.

6th Prescription
Added for improving Ki because he had no significant symptomsat all.        



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