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   [re] Heart Fever and Incurable diarrhea
Because time is not available, I write in brief.

One day a man in late twenties came to me and complained that ;
Dark colored diarrhea for a month
Exhausted body condition
Lost flesh
And as a result, he got alienated in the office. ( 047038 )

Accompanying symptoms are;
Uneasiness to face other people
No taste
And the most significant sign is fast pulse ( tachycardia ), over 120 times per one minute.
It is natural to guess sudden cardiac death judging from his symptoms and signs.
-> All of these are he symptoms due to heart fatigue.

And he has bent spine,
->This is caused by abnomality or wrong place ofthe heart or other inside organs.

And he has taken lots of jinsung and such these symptoms has gotten worse more.
-> As you know jinsung ( Kimi ) makes fever in the body but the fever of heart
and liver have already fever due to overworking. It's natural fever plus fever is more fever.

Abdominal has a pain and inflammation. Most of doctors including eastern medicine doctors
would this abdominal pain is the disorder originated from the stomach. But actually the
stomch troubles are almost heart originated disorders. So they cannot help failing to treat
stomach troubles and they say stomach trpubles are incurable chronic symptoms.
They don't know what they don't know.

So it is basic treatment to recover the heart failure. To do so, the removal
of humidity is the first. Diarrhea is also one of autonomic way of removal of humidity. He said that
diarrhea has been for a month but actually it would have been for a very long time. I guess
it would be at least over ten years' symptom..

He has been treated for 4 months with removal of humidity, lowering fever and releasing liver
and all of symptoms - pulpitaion, fast pulse, exhausting, renal failure, uneasiness, obsessional
neurosis and stomach disorders.

Also he is not alienated at all now.
Because he regain his energy and which attracts other people's instinct to survive with
sharing energy from his energy.

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