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   Surgery for Uterus Myoma and Baby Production


This case is very long history over two years.
She has gotten a removal surgery for big myoma in the uterus.
She has tried to get a baby for nearly 20 years but no fertilized egg at all.
However her will makes her dream come true at last!
It was really good luck for her to visit Harabi Clinic and get prescriptions for two years.

It is too long history to write in detail so I write key points in brief in the below.

She had a big myoma of 10cm in the uterus. It is general to remove whole uterus if such a
big myoma but she eagerly wanted her baby, the surgery got the myoma mass off uterus
technically. To say the final result at first, she succeeded to birth her baby in safe!

Now I write hereunder how she has tried to get her baby and what was problems to do it.
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1. Uterus Myoma

A woman had a big myoma of 10 cm in the uterus. Fortunately it located outside of uterus,
not inside. So the surgery of removal of myoma could be performed with uterus being left.
However, the muscles of uterus got thinner than normal thickness, which couldn't maintain
pregnancy. The obstetrician confirmed her that the baby would be grown till six months
at best because the thinner muscles couldn't bear the weight of the baby and water in the
uterus, if any, she was in pregnacy.  

7 months later after surgery of removal, she came to Harabi Clinic for pregnacy.
Her first consultation was made in 3 years ago. She had not noticed her myoma till she went
to obstetrician for infertility in spite of long times of sex life. She and her husband thought that
infertility was due to her scratch mark on the skin. It was so severe that the letter was easily
made with light fin

2. Infertility Duration

For long long time ( Sorry not to say definitely for considering individual privacy though
no one can't recognize the person ), she had not gotten pregnant.
Furthermore, she got the surgery for removal of myoma and she got nearly too old to get
pregnant. She and her husband got anxious for no baby. They should seek for some ways
to get their baby and finally came to me.

They believed the cause of infertility should be the scratch mark on the skin which was very
severe to write letters on the skin and she appealed to me to treat it at first. When the scratch
mark was nearly treated satisfactorily she said to me additional symptom - infertility history.

They seemed to be poor educated to believe the scratch mark should be the cause of infertility.
I think also they might be poor educated however their belief is not groundless at all.
You may think "What up in Harabi story?"
Please be cool and think about the cause of scratch mark for yourself for a moment.

Yeah! The cause of scratch mark is weakness of liver and also the cause of infertility is
weakness of liver. The point is the different symptoms with one origin - liver weakness!
So their belief was correct though they didn't know the pathology of her symptoms.
Unreasonableness looks to be embarrassing but sometimes it has a truth, only we don't
know the reasonable process.

3. Treatment for Scratch Mark

Scratch mark is the symptom that waste products go out through the skin but the pushing
power form the body is so weak not to exit completely. So the waste products remain
under skin and wait for some stimulus from outside. When a stimulus comes from outside,
waisting waste products are gethering to place of stimulus for going out.
If the symptom is more severe, it will be called as atopy.
If the symptom more lighter

So the pathology is, the treatment should be;
at first, to reduce the waste product
and to improve bioenergy to push them more strongly
and to improve breathing function of the skin.
In the pathological simplization, this is weakness of liver and lung and heart.
It took 3-4 months to treat the scratch mark nearly completely.
Also other accompanying symptoms were treated perfectly.

4. Other Symptoms

Her natrual characteristics is the weakness of liver, lung and heart so she has lots of
complicated symptoms;
hypotention, anemia, eye fatigue, breathless, pulpitation, hyperthyroidism, eczema, burning
tongue, foot fever, sleeping trouble, chronic fatigue syndrome, fragile finger nails, pain on the
back muscles, GERD, rhinitis, bronchitis, body odor and etc.  

5. Treatment for Infertility

After treatment of the scratch mark, she brought the subject of her infertility of long time.
I thought that her infertility was not caused by the structural dysfunction because she didn't
convey her obstetrition's comments on the reproductive organs.

Judging from my long experience, the treatment of infertitlity should be performed on mom
and dad simultaneously because the weakness of sperm could be really one of reasons.
So for some times being, her husband whose liver was so weak had been treated.

The treatment took 16 months.
During herbal treatment, she tried to get test tube baby but failed to but she refused to
get more test tube baby because she was too tired to get such a trial.

Anyway she succeeded natural pregnancy after 16 months later from the first herbal prescription.
Actually the pregnacy is the first time to her long marrige period.

6. Problems over Maintaining Pregnancy

It was natural the nausea and sickness was so hard to her and I had to prescribe for her.
However, the problems are;
To my eyes, due to the weakness of liver and heart, I guessed she would be in the
pregnancy toxemia such as anemia, hypertention, diabetes and natural abortion.

To the obstetrition's eye, she should have to get a surgery in around six months
for incubatoring because her thinned uterus muscles could not bear the weight of baby
and amniotic fluid. However I didn't think this might not be a problem because I had
prescribed for so long time to strengthen the muscles.

In short, I worried about the quality of maintaining prognancy judging from her whole body
condition but the obstetrition did about the physical power of uterus muscles from surgery.

Soemtimes, for example on 26 weeks of pregnancy, she felt pain one the femoral muscles
and groin region and drooled like water leaking and too low systolic pressure as 100 below.
At then I had to prescribed herbal juice urgently.

7. Delivery

As the pregnant weeks had passed, she dispelled both wories of me and the obstetrition.
Her conditions were very good to deliver the baby in mature time. But the abstetrition
insisted that the cesarean operation for the purpose of safety and he couldn't wait for
her mature date because he would be off around expected date of confinement.
I had to agree to her and the obstetrition.
On 38 weeks of pregnacy, she gave birth to a girl of 3.4kg in safe!

The girl has a slight atopy in natural, I prescribed for her recovery and her baby's atopy.

I write this case for the purpose of herbal prescriptions but the most contribution of the
birth is the mom's will, neither my treatment knowhow or the obtetrition's operation technic

I congratulate her strong will to get a baby with her having taken Harabi herbal prescriptions
for over two years that would be impossible to ordinary women who have a little knowledge which is dangerous.

8. What we have to learn

1) Infertility comes from the weakness of liver.
2) Natural abortion could be caused by not only the weakness of uterus but also weakness of sperm.
3) The removal of uterus should be careful because of myoma especially to the woman who wants baby.
4) Long time of no baby after marrige, it cannot be a reason to give up the pregnancy. In this case,
at first, the man and woman should be prescribed with East asian medicine diagnosis.
5) When over myoma in the uterus, it would be strongly requested to get rid of myoma only, not the
uterus, if possible.
6) The maintaining pregancy requires the improvement of liver and heart.
7) Herbal prescriptions shall be requied for the embryo's growing and mom's health.
8) After delivery, in case of baby atopy ot shortage of breast milk, the herbal prescription shall be strongly required, too.

9. Basic Prescriptions Contents
To improve liver, heart and lung
To irrigate
To release liver
To evaporate.

- end

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