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   Ear Rocks ( Otoconia ), Kidney Stones and Paralysis
Sudden vertigo is sometimes diagnosed as octoconia ( otolith, statoconia, era rocks ) that is
stimulated in inner ear with calcium crystals originated from the inner ear cells. When one hears
the pathology from ear doctor, one would be much afraid of it because stones migrate in the
inner ear fluids. Of course, I also agree that it can not be slight symptom but if one know the
pathology in east asian medicine, it will not be fearful at all because the capability of self-treatment
in more better than stones flow.

In briefly saying, the pathology of ear rocks is the same of kidney stones or gall bladder stones or
waste products in cerebral capillary vessels - Humidity !

Though the selt treatment mechanism is not known in western medicine but I think that the materials
would be deffused to solve the stones if the stones make the host dizzy and vertigo.
Some ear doctors sway the patient's head to fix the stones to original place where the stones
dislodged. But I think the explanation of this treatment of swaying head is false because such
fine stones ( size would be around 1/1000 mm ) can not retured the original places and,
if so, can not lodge to cells. Only swaying head makes the stones stimulate solving materials
or push the stones to safe places.

The pathology in eastern medicine says that the ear rocks would be oriented from humidity though
the micro-pathology relating inner ear could not be defined.

What should we know this pathology of ear rocks means?
Humidity is the main cause of ear rocks.
This means that if one has ear rocks the one should have other humidity symptoms in the body.
This is why the symptoms of ear rocks should be treated urgently with herbs!

The following case report prooves this emergency.

Case Study

1. Personal Information  043528 / and other case 043111 )
Kim  0    0, Male, 38 years old
A manager of big company
Address : Incheonsi, South Korea
Appearance : Good looking man

2. Chief Complainments
He has a chronic fatigue syndrome. Sometimes he got dizzy and diagnosed as ear rocks.
However he drives every day for business. What a dangerous thing!

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
Lipomas on the whole body.
A few years ago he couldn't talk because of swelled tongue.
Often dizzy, which might be for long times of computor monitoring
Sometimes bleeding stool
Frequent urination
Excessive sweating on armpits
Easy tempered
Lots of oily face

Pulse : Smart but a little (float, big, stressed and strong )
Tongue : Big, deep coated with white mosses but surface is dark red
Abdomen : Pain on the upper central
               Pimples on central chest
               Pain on both lower back

4. Diagnosis
Liver big and congestive
Heart small but strong
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney big but weakened

5. Pathology
Big digestive organs (anabolism) but small or weak energy exhalation organs (catabolism )
would make the various kinds of humidity in the body, which as a result bring about
chronic fatigue and above symptoms and signs.

Especially the humidity in the inner ear ( also in the brain near ear ) is expressed as ear rocks.
Humidity in the head, headache or dizzinss
in the stomach, gastrititis
in the muscles, lipomas
in the liver, gall bladder stones
in the kidney, kidney stone ( He noticed his kidney stones after Harabi diagnosis.)

6. Treatment
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To irrigate
To warm stomache
To get rid of humidity in the brain was urgent!

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main.

1st Result
Reduced sweat on the armpits and legs
Reduced redness on the face

2nd Prescription
Added for Ki improvment

2nd Result
The weight loss was by 4 kg without exraodinary work or exercise. This means that fat (
one kind of humidity ) was lossed for the improvment of liver Ki.
Chronic fatigue was much better.
Not fear of driving for light head at all

3rd Prescription
Added for purifying blood

3rd Result
He noticed that his body had swelled so far. He didn't know till treatment.
Little tempered
No symptom of vertigo and ear rocks which was usual.

4th Prescription
Increased for humidity

4th Result
A few months later he came to me because he didn't come at appointed date because
he felt symptoms for that time. But recently, some slight symptoms appear so he came on.
And also as Harabi diagnosed, he noticed he had kidney stones in examination at hospital.

5th Prescription
Simillar to the 4th

5th Result
As a barometer of his inside organs' health, I had him check his tongue by himself.
So he promised to get Harabi prescriptions till the white coating would be light.

The ear rocks symptom comes from the humidity in inner ear and humidity in inner ear
comes from the brain. Also the man of this case shows lots of brain symptoms.
So I urgently got rid of humidity in the brain for the protection of paralysis.
If the treatment was delayed a little, he wouldn't have avoid sudden stroke.

You may say "How can Harabi confirm his stroke so strongly?"
I mentioned the ground in the above symptoms. Please check it by yourself!







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