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   Urticaria on Whole Body


This is a simple case for urticaria over whole body.
The case of urticaria is frequent but the reason of this record is not frequent because
the symptom is very serious as it appears.
In result, this study is related to the depth of symptom, not the seriousness as it appears.
This record shows that the treatment is simple as the depth of symptom is shallow though
it appears very serious to the eye of common people.
All of symptoms or diseases, if the root of them is deep, the treatment is
not so simple. For example, a terrible pain on the shoulder can be treated with once of acupuncture
but sometimes a light pain on same place cannot be treated with long months of acupuncture and
other treatment. One who is not aware of pathology may think the variety of recovery comes from
the ability of doctors. However, most of such cases are up to the depth of symptoms not to the
ability of doctors. Of course, it is also real that there are lots of doctors who have no ability
to differentiate depth of symtom from the extent of appearing symptom.

At emergency though the root of symptom is very swallow, it is also highly required ability
of doctors, especially to the western medicine doctors working at emergecy room. However
it is general that the high quality of doctors requires the ability of treatment for chronic diseases
not for emergent ones.
Because the treartment of emergent symptoms requires treating the symptoms themselves
but the treatment of chronic symptoms ( diseases ) requires regulating the energy production
organs - inside organs, which does not exist in western medicine and is also difficult to
eastern medicine doctors as much.

Most urticaria is chronic though one thinks it appears suddenly one day.

The following case of urticaria that appeared suddenly one day and covered over whole
body seriusely. The woman went to a dermatologist right then and got treatment for three
months but the symptom gets worse and worse to the whole body.

At first, the symptom was so terrible.  But after checking her body conditions, I thoght
that the recovery time might be not so long and so it was not.

1. Personal Information ( 047199 )
Park   0    0, Female, 41 aged
A waitress
Address : Kyunggido, South Korea
Appearnce : a little short and fatty

2. Chief Complaints
Itching and urticaria over whole body since three or four months ago. The treatment of dermatology
was no valid at all. The longer days go on, the more the symptom gets serious.
Flushing on the face

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
Frequent night working
Frequent urination
Exccesive sweat on armpits and colored with brown
Scratch marks
Lots of usual discharges on lower abdomen

Pulse : Fast and weak, a little swallow and big
Tongue : A little swelling, deep coated with white, dark reddish
Abdomen : Pain on whole the upper
               Stiffness on the central upper

4. Diagnosis
Liver weak
Heart small
Spleen even
Lung a little weak
Kidney even

5. Pathology
Lots of humidity was produced due to mental stress and over working.
This humidity gets over critical value and which appeared as urticaria and reddishness.
As you know, the time of over critcial value is always sudden to the eye of common people.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To irrigate water in body
To warm the abdomen organs

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get of humidity is the main.

1st Result
Most urticaria disappeared.
But still itching remains
Normal urinating frequency
The color of tongue got light red
The pain on the upper abdomen remained only on central upper abdomen.

This changes show very fast recovery and the root of symptoms is very shallow.

2nd Prescription
Added for blood circulating

2nd Result
No urticaria at all!
No itching at all, too!
No scratch marks
No pain on the abdomen
No excessive sweating on the armpits and so no coloring with brown.

3rd Prescription
Final prescription for better perfect safety.
Simillar as the 2nd.

3rd Result
No ant symptoms at all!
Not so tired as it was for night working.

A few months later, she brought her daughter who is studying in medical school in China
to me for the treatment of pimples on her cheeks.




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