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   Purulent inflammation on the Toenails

All of ten toenails are ingrowing and accordingly there are pains, inflamed discharges and bulged
flesh on the toes. The pathology of this symptom is simple to the eyes of Sun Medicine ( one
of eastern medicine ) but not so simple to the eyes of western medicine.
Of course, the patients will go to the western medical instituts at first and get some antiphlogistics
but it goes worse and worse day and day.

Most of people in even east asia don't think that this can be treated with herbal prescriptions.
However, the patients who have been suffered from this kind of walking troubles for a long time
will naturally seek for the eastern medicine doctors who have ability to treat it.
Many of readers of this article would wonder what its pathology. OK, I will
say now, It is a disease from the liver!

I tell the story in detail a little hereunder to give some informations to western medicine
The patient's memory

A month ago, both of big toes got bruise. She thought it was due to high hills and so she
cut the nails too short. However the pain and discharges still remained. She thought it would
pass soon as it has done. But this time is different from previous cases. She couldn't walk
even with wearing slippers of special made.
She judged that the treatment and pathology were wrong from the first and finally visited me.


All of ten toes got inflamed discharges and swelled. The big toes are the most extreme and
little toes are a little better.
She had varix..


The basic physiology of life being is the input and out of Ki (energy). So the waste
products of legs will go out through toes. So there are something wrong in the process of Ki lane
from the internal organs to the final toes. The inflammation of toes and ingrown nails are a way of
breakthrough out of skin to dump waste products outward. In short, this is autoimmune mechanism.

The problem is why it happens?
Please think about it by yourself after reviewing following case which describes of the reasons
why the waste products are merging on the toes.
She has two reasons. One is she produces lots of waiste products and the other is that the
waiste products are necessarily merged on the toes.

Of course, the high heels is one of factors that worsens the symptom but never be main one.


The main treatment way is to reduce the waiste products ( humidity ) as soon as possible.
Others should be gradually improved.

1. Personal Information ( 047135 )
Nam  0    0, Female, 31 aged
Address : Seoul, South Korea
Appearance : A little short but looks some muscular
Occupation : A lawyer

2. Chief Complaints
Ingrown toe nails
Purulent inflammation, pain, dischargs, swelling on the toe
Itching on vaginal area

3. Other Symptoms and Signs
Gastritis and GERD
Much gas on the stomach
Scratch marks
Easy fatty
Varix on the legs
Headache over period

Removal of vermiform appendix and tonsils
Surgery of rhinitis
Taking contraceptives for a long time

Pulse : Weak, stressed, narrow and a little tensed
Tongue : Swelled, deep coated with white and reddish on the apex
Abdomen : Pain on the central chest
               Pain on the central upper abdomen
               Both CVA pain

4. Diagnosis
Liver big but weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney naturaly even but now weakened

5. Patholgy

6. Pescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To lower fever

7. Results

1st Prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main.

1st Result
Pain on the toes reduced but discharging fluid are still same as before.
Much reduced vaginal itching

2nd Prescription
Added for Ki improving

2nd Result
All of symptoms are much better.
But left toes are still bulged. ( But no discharges)
No vaginal itching at all.

3rd Prescription
Added for lowering fever

3rd Result
Nearly normal toes and no problem with wearing high heels.
Occasionally itching on the skin where is not fixed.

4th Prescription
Simillar to the 3rd

4th Result
Toes are perfect! Not problems with high heels for all day long at all.
No itching as far.

5th Prescription
For more perfection, one more prescription was wanted by her.
Added for purifying blood with considering eating out.
One year has passed, but no news about problems on skin and toes!       



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