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   Standard Treatment Case of Reumatism
I said "standard" in the above theme. The meaning of standard is not to doctors but
to patients. In patients stand, I would like to express the process of what and how they
will generally treat or mistake the rheumatism.

The man of this case has many experiences of western medicine, alternative madicine,
folk medicine, quack's healing and finally east asian medicine - Sun medicine of Harabi.

As far as uncurable diseases are concerned, such as this process is general and it can
be mentioned as a standard.

Because the treatment period was very long - 17 months, It is better to describe the process
with grouping the symptoms, not chronically.
1. Sun medicine's interpretation of general concept of rheumatism

1)General concept of rheumatism

Rheumatism is a complex concept that some symptoms appear on the joints and connective
tissues. More detail nomenclature instead of rheumatism would be preferred to the western
medicine doctors but the word of rheumatism is prevailing in the field because there is no
efficient treatment way in western medicine matching to precise diagnosis.

Vertually the diagnosis of rheumatism is not clean and cut as other autoimmunine diseases are.
It is general that the following symptoms are called as reumatism.

Morning Stiffness
Morning stiffness is the most common symptom of rheumatism. The finger joints are swollen
and got pain in the morning. It means that joints begin to get deformed..

Edema on joints
Chronic edema on joints means to make the joint area inflammatory.

Pain on the joint
Pain means to gather blood and Ki to repair the part of disorder.
Its patholgy is very immportant to rheumatism treatment because the pain killers
make not to recover but to worsen the symptom. In short, the medication of western
medicine will worsen rheumatism more and more.

Joint deforming
The inflammation of joint lasts for a long time, which will change the near tissues like liganments,
muscles, tendons and accodingly the Ki and blood of joint will flow in irregular ways, which makes
unbalance of incoming and outcoming and will finally deform the joint bones. You can confirm this
deforming bones from the bent fingers of the ages.

Autoimmune inflammation
Before deforming, the inflammation will begin earlier. The inflammation in this case does not come
from outer beings but from inner biomechanism. So anti-inflammatories are not good for the treatment.

2) Explanation of Sun Medicine (one of eastern medicine school)

The place of rheumatism is joints and bones
and symptoms are pain, edema and deformed bones.
This is related to kidney in the view of eastern medicine.
The pure meaning of kidney in the eastern medicine means the soundness of all cells
and organs of whole body. However we can guess it through the activity of kidney

Edema is related to anatonical kidney.

Pain is related to humidity.

In short, the pathology of rheumatism is the disorder of kidney in the view of five organs
and humidity disorder ( especially comes from the disorder of water flow ) in the view of Ki flow.

The most important thing is to reason why the kidney gets to be worsen. The answer requires
high level of understanding of eastern medicine whose fiver organs are transacting among them
and so requires understanding for diagnosis of other four organs at the same time.  

The basic cause of humidity lies on liver and spleen
and the development of humidity to edema lies on heart and lung
and skin symptoms and inflammatory bleeding lies on liver and spleen
and not to get rid of humidity lies on kidney including lung and heart.

The detail mechanism as above is very complicated and so we can express the diagnosis
as simple as "humidity in maginal area".

2. The merits and the demerits of western medicine

The merits
It is easy to go western medicine doctors with health insurance.
The pain is easily controlled with chemcical pain killer though it is temporal.

The Demerits
At first time it is good for the patients because of no pain but finally there is no way
to stop worsening the symptoms.
The longer with chemcial medication at western medicine hospital, the worse the symptoms,
the more the patients should take chemical medication and finally patients to get surgery.

This is not the treatment as you acknowledge because the treatment is not for the cause
of symptom but for cutting the cable for the patients not to hear the noise problems.

Furthermore, chemical medication makes the liver and kidney more worse, which will the
symptoms more worse, in short vicious circle.
And cutting the cable not to hear noise problems from the marginal area makes the symptoms
to get surgery finally because the central body can not supply with more blood and Ki to repair
the damaged place.

For reference, I put herewith google's wiki referring rheumatism.
(A vast number of traditional herbal remedies were recommended for "rheumatism". ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheumatism 에서 Treatment 에서, 양약치료보다 먼저 이것을 권하는 이유는 양약치료의 대증치료조차 무의미 하다는 뜻임.

3  Sun Medicine Treatment

There are lots of theroies for rhematism in east asian medicine however the reason I write
the theory here once more is to clarify the therory of Sun medicine because other theories
of east asian medicine is so quackery though they looks to be attractive to low educated

I do not want to evaluate other theories but I would like emphasize on the point
that though the symptoms of rheumatism are same among the patients but the presription
should be individual according to the conditions of the physical status. This maybe is
not understandable to eyes accustomed to western medicine.

Anyway you can confirm these in the below case study.

4. Case for Rheumatism Treatment

1) General informations of the patient
He is in middle forty and works as a governant officer in educational institute.
This means he gets less stress than other occupational fields.
He is tall but a little slim so he gets little gravity.
These information means that rheumatism has nothing to do with social class, weight,
psychological stress and other external stimulus.

2) Symptoms
It was four year ago. Mayor joints of toes, ankles, knees, ellbows and finger have
got painful. He went to the doctors in hospital and got a diagnosis as rheumatism.
(To harabi view, it might have been at least over 10 years.)

Left knee and right ankle have got much swelled.
The skin color of right ankle changed to dark purple and skin is peeled out.
(If the symptom is developed furthermore, the ankle would begin to be rotten.)

Recently, the doctor increase the pain killer but no valid at all.
As a result, he had to get long time of vacation for the treatment because not to work
Of course, he can not walk in even street due to the pain.

3) Other symptoms and signs
Dark brown and heavy urine color
Intense chronic headache

Pulse ; float, strong, big, a little fast and stressed
Tongue : Deep coated with light brown mosses and surface red
Abdomen : Pain on the upper, stiffness and pain on the right upper
               Left CVA pain

4) Diagnosis
Liver big and congestive
Heart small but strong
Spleen big and strong
Lung big but weak
Kidney small and weak

5) The recovering development according to treatments

Herbal prescriptions
To release liver
To irrigate
To lower heart fever
And according to the condition, to improve blood circualtion or Ki and etc.

Period of treatment
17 months

Period of chemical medication
He has taken the following tablets for several years and other unknown tablets.
Anti-inflammatory and pain killer (Airtal)
Analgesic (Ultraset )
Digestives (Muscosta) and others

As I mentioned in the above, the chemical medication has no effect at all and moreover they
have worsen the symptoms so far. First of all the left foot was getting worsen
and worse to be rotten, which means that the doctors would suggest him to cut off if the days
will have passed ahead.
I strongly suggested him to stop taking the chemical tablets but he did not accept my proposal
because of the pain which was turned out not to be valid at all.
For considering his mental impact, it was promised that the chemical tablets would be decreased
little by little at his discretion.

He has been several times requested by the western medicine doctors to take some chemical
drugs for improving self-immunity. Of course I had him not accept those proposals.

5 months after herbal prescriptions, he reduced the airtal by an half and ultraset by 1/4 but
the pain was not same as before.

9 months after herbal prescription, he reduced the untraset to an half but no
more pain or other symptoms.

At last 10 months after herbal, he stopped all chemcial tablets but the pain is not
more because was told by the doctor that inflammation index was suddenly reduced by
50%, which has never happened at all since he treated him.

After stopping chemical tablets, the treatment was rapidly better.

Two months after stopiing chemical tablets, the inflammation index came to be perfectly normal.
At this time, rheumatism symptoms have disappeared nearly to perfection.

For your reference, if he had stopped chemcial tablets earlier, the treatment might
also have been faster.

The Change of Cymptoms with Herbal Prescriptions

The first change was the reduce of tongue mosses and abdominal apin.

Two months after herbal prescriptions, the pain on the rheumatoid area began to reduce.
At this time, the facial color looked better than before.

Three months later, the swelling of legs and feet are reduced a lot.
And the most important thing is that the color of foot got brighter than ever though still darkish.
(This means that the foot can be recovered without surgery.)

Four months later, swelling was much better but the pain still remained. However the examination
at the hospital sais that the index of inflammation reduced by an half.

Five months later, itching on the wrist appeared and disappeared soon.
This means that the humidity on the wrist area can began to disappear with best economic way
and accordingly the rheumatism on the wrist began to reduce.  

Six months later, The swelling disappeared nearly to normal but the colliding sound between
knee bones began. It will take to soften the joints so long time that surrounding tissues should
be rebuilt.

Eight months later, rashes rised on lower abdomen and nearby area.
This mechanism is the same as that of wrist as it before.
It is good change to his body to let go out the humidity ( waste products ).
This will make the humidity not go downward to knees.
Can you understand what I am saying?

From then on I strongly suggest him to stop taking chemical drugs prescribed by the
docotr of western medicine. He agreed to me because the symptoms are better and he himself
could confirm the treatment was 70 % recovered.

Ten months later, he could walk on even (flat) street. As you know he couldn't
walk at all. But it is difficult to walk on the stairway.

12 months later, all of index was normal at hospital examination. Sometime he took some
strange health foods and so the liver index rised over reference range but it was not meaningful.
Of course if he walks for long time, he felt aome pain the joints, especially under cloudy weather.

14 months later, the bubbles in the urine still remained. It means that the kidney was weakened.
Furthermore his kidney is weak in nature as I mentioned in the above. It is guessed the kidney
would be damaged with chemical drugs I said to him. He confirmed to the doctor of western
medicine and the doctor said to him
."The pain killers makes the kidney damaged and it is not avoidable as far as
he takes them to reduce the pain.

17 months later, he recovered to 99.9% of perefection in the eye of both
east asian medicine and western medicine. He will come back to his office soon.

As most of incurable patients do, he was swayed to the temptation of the qaucks.
As a result it made the treatment period so long and the kidney and liver weakened.
And the most harmful informations are the those from TV or other mass media
whose informations are decorated by the specialists but have no reasonable pathology.

He now asks me what he should do whenever he meets some good looking diets and
follows to my advice well.

This record is so long. However all i want to say is that rheumatism is never
incurable and it can ne treated safely with herbal prescriptions. Please be careful to chemical
drugs and other folk treatment by the quacks.


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