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   Which one is the stronger? woman or man?
Most of people think men are stronger than women.
Do you really think so?

We have to debate on the concept of strong before the conclusion.
Men have much physical power than women. So can you conclude
that men are stronger than women?  Maybe you feel something wanting.

The concept of strength is based on existence. If we say that men are
stronger than women, it means that men will exist after fighting between
men and women.

However we are facing to endless changes of circumstances in social
and in natural Ki flow. So the requirements for longer existence is not
the physical power but the adaptable power just like water or wind.

Now you can guess what I am saying.
Woman has more adaptable capability than man.  
She have to produce descentdents and to have pregnant period.
During pregnancy she cannot act for taking foods as before. This makes
her sensitive and adaptable to survive with weak body. In the long run,
,b>Women are more competitative than men to survive under changing

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