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   Musk, Ox Bezoar and Bears Gall Are for Discharging not for Improving
Lots of asians think that musk, ox bezoar and bears gall are good for health
and energy accoording to the hearsay of sellers. But there is no any records
that these animal herbs are to improve general energy from ancient ages but
that these to discharge or decrease the vice Ki.

The former "Boyak(Improving medicine)"and the latter "Sayak(Discharging medicine)"

Boyak is for adding right energy and Sayak is for reducing vicious energy.

So if Boyak works on normal organ instead of poor organs, it will be surplus
energy which makes disorders on that organs or weaken other organs.

So, if Sayak works on normal organs instead of vice surfficient organs, it will
be poor energy which makes disorders on that organs or get worse other organs.

Why common people think thease animal herbs good for health?

The common points of these aninmal herbs are very rare in east asia.
Musk is produced in mountains of central asia.
Ox bezoar is also rare because ox is a major production instrument in agricultural
society and stones in gall bladder are so rare.
Bears gall bladder is also rare due to difficulty of hunting in old times.

So, the rarity makes the price higher and high price makes people think
them so better.

The functions

Musk is for emitting sexual energy. So persistent taking musk makes the body
short of energy becuase it belongs to discharging herbs.

Ox bezoar is for lowering fever and softening the gall stones in case of jaundice.
This is also to spend energy and so the overdosage makes troubles in digestive

Bearts gall is for lowering fever in case of hepatitis. Bears are a polyphagus animal.
So the function of liver is simliar to that of human beings but the energy of gall bladder
is very stronger. So we can use it as a medicine for hepatitis. By the way, to lower
fever means to lower energy. So it does not work on normal liver and gall bladder.
If it is over, it will weaken the energy of liver.

There is a natural law to maintain or to improve health, so please contact the
specialists at right expenses and  don't be fooled by smuggling traders!

[Source] Harabi Clinic of East Asian Medicine(www.harabiclinic.com)

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