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   Spinal Disc Herniation - Preventions and Treatments
People think they understand what is goinig on their body
when they hear the name of their disorders from doctors.

Lots of people are bothering with pains on neck, waste
and hip due to spinal problems. Doctors like to show the
photos of disordered parts to the patients for their understanding.
And then the patients are usually surprised at their abnormalities
and are under a halluciation that they understand completely why
they have been suffered so far.

If so, the next process is easy going. The doctors persaude
the patients to get a surgery to correct the spinal troubles.
It is general that the doctors say only about the expected good
results but do not about why the disorders happened.

Herniated disc is the result of unbalance of five organs.
But people think it is the cause of pain or movement restriction.
Suppose that a boy should fall and bleed on his knee.
What do you say about the cause of the bleeding?
Falling or rupture of vessels?
The true cause is falling. The rupture is the result.
Herniated disc is same as this. Though the latter looks as a
scientific explanation, it is valid for the prevention of bleeding.

Now please read about the pathology of herniation and take care
of yourselt.

1. Symptoms of Herniated Disc

Cervical herniated disc
Pains or resctrictions around the back of the skull, the neck,
shoulder girdle, scapula, shoulder, arm, and hand due to C-6.7
nerves being pressed by the vertebral bodies.

Thoracic herniated disc
Very rare. Not happen except for external impacts.

Lumbar herniated disc
Same as cervical on the lower back, buttocks, thigh, and may
radiate into the foot and/or toe due to L-4/5, S-1. The sciatic nerve
is the most commonly affected nerve, causing symptoms of
sciatica. The femoral nerve can also be affected.
The symptom of L-4 appears on the lateral side of legs, S-1 on
back side of legs.

Anatomical Pathology
The photos show the depth of symptoms but not say about
the true cause of them.

The purpose of surgery is to control the pain, not to correct
disc herniation. This is very important point. Why?

Because the degenerative changes in body can be improved
by the surgery.

2. What is the true cause of herniated disc?

Constitutional charateristics of five organs
All kinds of chronic disease come from characteristic of five
organs, so herniation do. Some one might say "Suddenly"
but it can be never sudden.

To understand this, we have to see the herniation disc with
the eyes of east asian medicine.

Bones and cartilages are fixed by ligaments, tendons and
muscles. This means if the energy of them is weakened, the
location of bones and cartilages will be out from the original

And then what does the energy send to them?
Who send the energy to them? That is blood vessels- heart.
Who produce the content of energy? I mean the quality of
blood. That is liver.
Who produce the quantity of energy? That is digestive organ.
Who remove the waste products? That is Lung or kidney.

The most important organs are liver and heart among them.
If one who has weak liver and heart, he might be suffered with
herniation disc more rather than others.

Other causes
There are lots of causes that might affect herniated  disc.
They are the weight of head, the size of bones, blood vessels,
the distribution of blood vessel or muscles and so on.

In addition to this, the foods and living style are to be considered
because these are affective to the liver and heart.

3. Treatments

Exercise and surgery
The doctors of western medicine recommand this treatment.
But I do not agree to them. The surgery shall be limited to
inevitable case. South korean goverment anounced 95% of
herniation surgeries should not be performed a few years ago.
The problem of surgery is the weakeness of vertebral supporting
power after surgery.

Non-surgery Treatment
Contrary to the concepts of most people, accupuncture, moxa,
massage and exercises are complementary treatments. The
basic treatment is the herbal treatment.

Why the herbal treamtent should be the basic?
Please remember the pathology above mentioned.
To enrich liver and to improve blood circulation is the basic
treatment and prevention. To do so, only herbs prescribed by
herbal doctors can do that.

However everyone should be alert herbal doctors who talk
tall "I can treat disc at  once with my secret herbal tea."
Sometimes it will be true. But the truth comes from the character
of symptoms not comes from their secret herbal tea.
The most serious thing for ones who get their secret herbal tea
is the overworks of liver or kidney that may not appear immediately.

All kinds of treatment for chronic diseases should be natrual and
gradual accoding to the law of nature.

Another non surgery treatment is rest.
Any kinds of herniated disc including prolapsed disc can be treated
by only rest of a couple months.
The rest makes the energy concentrating the disordered parts to
be restored naturally.

One day, one of my friends called me at midnight for sever pains
with herniated disc. I introduced a big hospital to him because my
another friend is the senior officer in that hospital.

This friend, senior officer, his wife had been suffered for sever
herniatede disc and hopitalized in that hospital. The surgeons
recommended surgery but he kept his belief that the herniated
disc will be treated with rest. After 2 months, the wife recovered
to normal status. Only rest treated her severe disc.

So I recommended the first friend not to get surgery but to take
enough rest at that hospital. My another friend would take care
of his wife and did so. She left the hospital after 3 months of

Both of women are good. No troubles at all from then on though
several years have passed. Why? Most of patients after surgery
have troubles because the surgery does not affect the regulation
of liver and heart. But natural treatment is performed by the
regulation of liver and heart automatically by way of pain sign.

4. Prevention
It is simple. To enrich and to improve blood circulation.
No factory made foods, no excessive exercise, no stress,
no over working and other thing we can think so.

In case of signals, It is recommeded to get a herbal prescriptions.

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