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   Why Does Tonsilectomy Make Sore Throat?
Human body is simple in the light of Ki flow. To simplify body, the
anatomy is composed of brain and five organs.
The brain is to regulate the Ki flow.
Five organs are to produce and recycle energy.
So in the view of Ki flow, energy production and recycling is the
basic of physiology.

Th lung in the view of east asian medicine means all cells
and organs related to the function of breath. So the skin belongs
to the lung. Sometimes urinary bladder can be lung if it helps
with breathing.

From the nostril to the cells of lung(pulmonary aveoli), all cells
and organs are also lung. However which parts will be the most
important? Nose? or Lung cells? Lung cell rightly.

Why I say about the priority regarding to the lung?
To keep the life safely under changing circumstances, marginal
parts are designed to be sacrified for their lords, namely brain and
five organs. So all kinds of chronic diseases from nose to lung
are to prevent the lung from getting worsened.

Tonsillitis as well as rhinitis is one of pretext for the lung. So if
one gets tonsilectomy due to tonsillitis, it is stupid as to throw
away the shield for annoying things.

The guard is gone with tonsilectomy, the enemy comes closer
to the lord. The enemy is at the front of gate. That is sore thoat.

The surgery of removal ( The name of organs + ectomy ) relating
to chronic diseases should be deeply considered because the
surgery is never to get rid of the cause of diseases at all.

Sometimes the patients praise me as a master but I am not a
master. I am only thinking about the logical process of physiology
in the light of whole life as a doctor.

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