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   Autonomic Imbalance Syndrome Is not Troubles on Nervous System!
1. What is the meaning of syndrome?

If you get disorders such as pulpitation, sweating, flushing, diarrhea and
vomitting, but the doctor of westen medicine says "No sign indicating
disorders in the examination, you maybe get stress or nervous."
In this case, the doctors have nothing to do for the patients. Many of such cases,
the patients get neuropsychatric prescritions but the symptoms get worsened.

Some of wise doctors of western medicine thought that they needed to arrange
about such cases because the patients get doubtful about the doctors' authority.

The wise doctors know well about the limit of western medicine. But they can't
say frankly about simple looking symptoms that they don't know why such
symptoms occur and so they can't prescriptions. Also they don't want to lost
their authority. However as you know they are wise people.

Finally they pratice a magic. The magic is to name such symptoms as
"syndrome", which means that we, even doctors, don't know why the
symptoms occur and so don't know how to prescribe. But the naming
of symptoms makes ignorant people believe that the doctors know about
the symptoms well and accept the symptoms as "uncontrolled" due to "their
body condition" but not due to "doctors' ignorance."

I think why they do not know about such symptoms is that they are
trained only for matching signs and symtoms to chemical medicines,
not for studying the patholgy between organs of body.

2. The Pathology of AIS in the View of Western medicine

They explain the symptoms with nervous system. However such
explanation looks precisely but it is invalid at all for the treatment.
Suppose how you should answer if you are asked why rain falls.
Will you answer as "Because the very small water balls are in high
sky." Do you think the asker would give you high score?  Maybe
you don't think so. You know very well your answer is absurd,
because your answer is merely an tautology for the question.

The reasonble answer should include cloud, wind, the lay of land,
atmospheric pressure, temperature and so on.

The explanation with nervous system misleads people(including doctors)
to misunderstanding that the symptoms occur due to some disorders
in nervous system. Actually some of doctors believe that the disorders
come from the nervous system, so they prescribe medicine for stablizing
nervous - neurospychiatric medication.

3. What Is The Truth?

The symptoms relating to automic imbalance syndrome have nothing to
do with nervous systems. The symptoms are real proof that the nervous
systems are working very well.

If the nervous systems are not so, What is the real problem?

The truth is the imbalance of five organs. The nervous systems
are working to recover the balance and to normalize the five organs which
are in the shortage of Ki and Blood caused by natural characteristics or
fatigue or external damages.

If there is disorders on nervous systems, the symptoms should be
permanant and worsen day after day.

To conclude my study, I compare AIS to electric sensor.
We are accustomed to all of sensors in daily life. If the sensor sounds
suddenly, do you think that the sensor is out of order? or otherwise,
do you think there must be something wrong in the room or car?
If the sensor sounds, a wise customer will watch around his room
or car at first.

If you want read the case of AIS, you search for the words like pulpitaion,
flushing, sweat,  vomit ane so on in the treatment cases pages.

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