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   A Harabi's Tip for Stopping Night Cough
Coughing is worsened more in night than in day.
The reason is that;
First, the body temperature gets lower in night.
Second, the outside temperature also gets lower in night and it affects on
biomechanism. One may feel some rough or stinging on the throat. Then
lots of people think that drinking water will soften the throat and stop coughing.
It may be effective temporarily but it will worsen more later because water
makes the body cool.(The KIMI of water is cool.)

Night cough basically comes from the cool lung.
So to stop coughing is to get the lung warm.
Here is a simple but most effective way.

At first you have to keep a stone at home like a hand size.
When you or your family begin to cough in midnight.
You take the stone to gas range (or other warming machines)
and heat it for about two minutes. And then you wrap it with cotten towel.
You can feel gentle warmth from the towel mass.

And then your worry is over!
You get it onto the neck and the upper back(Trapezius muscle) of the cougher.
The cough must be stopped soon.
This methord looks like primitive but  one of the best scientific prescription of Harabi
with using radiation heat.

Please try this and confirm the effect by yourself!
If so, please let the world known Harabi tip for stopping cough.

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