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   The more drinking water, the better - Nonsense!
Major portion of doctors of western medicine in South Korea are christians.
I guess this religious trend is also imported with medical knowledge of western
medicine and westen doctors. I am not s christian but I believe in the God
who is creating the time and the space we live in.

I think that the God creates the human beings to live as what they want in
the time and the space as incarnated beings in place of the God. I mean
that the body of human beings are created with the most deliberation of the

By the way I cannot understand why the doctors of western medicine insist
that human beings drink mineral water of 1.5 ~ 2 litter per day. The God
creates our bodies to send signal of thirsty when our bodies need more

In short, I come to the conclusion that the doctors of western medicine are
wiser than the God or fraud as far as drinkng waster concerned. The christian
doctors who insist drinking water so much per day might look down upon
the God as afr as their medical knowledge concerned. Is this true?

The ground of drinking water is that the water will push waste products
during irrigating. Do you think this is really so?

I want to remind one of basic physics. That is the gravity.
It is need energy for water to flow from higher place to lower place.
From this simple truth, the theory that the water push waste products outside
is we can guess not valid.

Over-water makes body heavy prior to getting rid of waste products. So
overwater will make diseases of humidity such as headache, heavy stomach,
swelling, hypertension, pulpitation, renal failure, stones in gall bladder or kidney,
coughing, phlegms, other pains over all and further waste products more.

The optimum quantity of water is up to the signal from the body. It will be
thirsty to the average person or other signs to be judged by well educated doctors
in eastern or weastern medicine to the disodered.

[Source] Harabi Clinic of East Asian Medicine (www.harabiclinic.com)

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